What is Accento?

Accento is an assistance software for musicians. Exercises within the program use the didactic system of a teacher: listen → suggest exercises to avoid future mistakes.

Thus, every student makes guaranteed progress and is therefore more motivated.

No, Accento is designed to complement music lessons. It should therefore be used both at home and during the lessons with the teacher. We are convinced of the impact of personal music lessons with a good music pedagogue. Accento will have many tools that will facilitate the organization and assignments of music lessons.


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Accento and instruments?

You can use Accento with any instrument. The software is designed such that any user can use his/her own music sheets. The first version of the software is accompanied by some learning systems and is therefore mainly tested and developed in relation to the problems of these instruments.
If you experience any problems please feel free to contact us.

We will successively add learning methodologies for many instruments to Accento.

The first classes will be guitar, violin and clarinet. Then we will add courses for piano, flute and saxophone.

Of course, we are also planning learning systems for other important and well-known instruments such as: cello, trumpet, drums and many more.
Those will be added in a future version of Accento.

System Requirements

Accento runs on all common smartphones, tablets and PCs that support the minimum hardware requirements.

Accento runs on all common operating systems: Android, Apple iOS, Windows, Mac and Linux

Please check the minimum hardware requirements for minimal operating system version.

  • Processor:
    • at least 3 cores or 2 multithreaded cores
    • at least 2GHz per core
  • RAM:
    • at least 2GB
  • Space:
    • at least 1GB
  • Graphics Card:
  • Display:
    • Desktop: at least 1024×768 pixel
  • Audio Latency:
    • to be able to use all functions audio latency has to be as low as possible
    • a good audio latency value is below 50ms
  • Operating System:
      • Android: at least Android 7.0 (Nougat)
      • iOS: at least iOS 12.0
      • MacOS: at least MacOS 10.12 (M1 Processors will be supported from autumn)
      • Windows: at least Windows 8

Accento – when – where?

There is already a free demo version available for download.

The expected full release of Accento is planned for end of Autumn 2021.

Mobile: Accento is available in the common app stores: Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Desktop: Use the download section on this website to get an installer for the software.


We currently support 14 languages: English, German, Castellano, Chinese (中文), Korean (한국어), Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, French, Dutch, Portuguese, Italian, Finnish and Japanese (日本語)

Please contact us if your desired language is not available.