Why a real instrumental teacher is better than software

Even in the future, a flesh-and-blood teacher will never be replaced by a program. This is due to a variety of factors.

Things Accento does exceptionally well


Detect pitch

The distinctive system recognises, with the help of your microphone, which frequencies you are currently playing. These are processed at the end of the practice sequence. On this basis, you are shown the passages that you played well or badly.


Detect rhythm

The rhythm is an essential part of making music. That’s why the program analyzes what you play and recognizes if you played right to the rhythm or if this part still needs improvement.


Detect sound quality

Accento analyzes the quality of the played notes and gives you feedback accordingly. For example, the correct fingering contributes a lot to the sound quality. The program highlights areas that could be improved and suggests improvements.

Things only educators can do


Identify individual problems

Even the best program cannot completely replace a teacher. Accento will show you mistakes in your playing, but very specific problems can only be identified and corrected by a human teacher.


Adapted playing technique

There is a whole range of playing techniques for all the different instruments. Our app shows and teaches you these techniques, but only a teacher can give you tips and tricks that are customized to your individual problems.


Create individual fingerings

Accento shows you the general positions for your fingers. But unlike the program, a real teacher not only teaches you the position, but also adapts it to you and your individual playing style.



When making music, it is not just a matter of reading and playing notes. It is especially important to feel these pieces and reproduce them accordingly. Instrumental teachers can reproduce and teach these different emotions better than thousands of lines of code.


Correcting posture

Another important factor in making music is to have a good posture while doing so. Especially in the beginning, one tends to neglect this. Such mistakes are immediately recognized and corrected by a teacher.