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Class for Clarinetists from beginner to advanced level

Accento clarinet class includes exercises with different levels tailored to all clarinet players with different levels. The individual illustrations, video, and audio examples make the lessons easy to understand so that students can practice efficiently. All features and details of the Accento app can be read here.


The beginner class offers an introduction to the instrument Clarinet. In addition to basic Music Theory and technique, correct playing posture, and short music pieces are also included in the class.

Intermediate Level Players:

The goal is to expand the playing range, develop sound production and technique. Consolidated and refined technique with appropriate exercises and Études.

Advanced Players:

This class is ideally suitable for advanced clarinetists. The class is designed for mastery of playing techniques and enrich musicality. There are introductions and training on intonations, as well as lessons focus on breathing and playing style are covered in this class.

Sebastian Soli 3

Sebastian Hayn

Clarinetist, Pedagogue

Born in Italy, Sebastian Hayn began learning the clarinet at the age of 5.

During his successful studies, he already shared the stage with well-known musicians and orchestras. These included the Philharmonie Salzburg, Interharmony Orchestra, as well as Daniele Gatti and Alexander Lonquich – to name just a few.

As an enthusiastic solo, orchestral and chamber musician, he has performed on concert stages and festivals around the world. These included the Salzburg Festival. Sebastian has also won several important national and international competitions. He is currently studying under the direction of Prof. Wenzel Fuchs (solo clarinettist of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra) at the Mozarteum University in Salzburg.

Sebastian Hayn’s Homepage

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