What are the advantages/disadvantages of using Accento?



Focus on the individual’s essential problems

→ faster progress

→ higher reputation

Accento alerts you to the mistakes you make when practising and helps you correct them. By alerting you directly to your mistakes, you won’t get in the habit of doing the wrong things and you’ll immediately see what you’re still struggling to practice.


Saving time

When you practice with Accento, you become more efficient. Mistakes are spotted in time, so it’s easy to correct them. Parts that are difficult to practice are highlighted and trained in a special way. This makes practising more fun and saves time.


Facilitating of work

Accento supports the teacher by recognising pitch, rhythm and sound quality both in the classroom and at home. Even when students are practicing at home, errors are pointed out and individual exercises are used to support students in practicing to the best of their ability.


Traceability of progress

When practising with Accento, the student is shown where he makes mistakes, but also when he has corrected them and can now play passages without mistakes. You can see when you play a passage with fewer mistakes, or when you play whole pieces better than before.



Initial training period

At the beginning you will need to find your way around the programme in order to practise with it. Once you get used to it, Accento helps you even more to learn the instrument you play.