Introducing the ultimate music assistant straight from the heart of Salzburg!

Experience the joy and passion of music firsthand!

Playing music not only brings happiness, but also allows you to fully immerse yourself in the fun and excitement of this incredible art form. Discover the endless possibilities of musical expression with our diverse range of instruments. Unlock your potential and elevate your creativity by learning to play. Success in the music industry requires more than just a passion for music. It demands rigorous training and discipline as a fundamental prerequisite. Regrettably, many gifted musicians tend to lose their passion for creating music due to the absence of adequate support during their practice sessions. Our innovative approach may better align with their unique preferences and needs.

Introducing Accento - the ultimate solution for all your needs!

Music meets innovative technology

With Accento, we not only foster and motivate the art of practicing, but also cultivate the delight of playing an instrument! Experience unparalleled training progress with our revolutionary system, coupled with an exceptional frequency recognition algorithm, designed to take your game to the next level. Our cutting-edge technology analyzes the music being played and expertly compares it with the piece, resulting in personalized exercises crafted by top-notch music educators.

Our exercises are expertly designed to seamlessly integrate with key learning concepts, ensuring a perfectly coordinated learning experience. Our products offer a versatile range of difficulty levels and musical genres, ensuring that they can be tailored to meet the unique needs of every musician. Experience the ultimate level-adapted training without overwhelming yourself with this foolproof method for success.

Music meets innovative technology

Accento not only supports and encourages the practice process. Meanwhile, it also promotes the joy of playing an instrument!

The advanced system, in combination with the outstanding frequency recognition algorithm, provides an optimal training progress for students. For this purpose, it analyses what was played and compares it with the piece. After that, specially tailored exercises created by music educators are compiled.
These pieces are integrated with learning concepts and perfectly coordinated with each other. They are also combined with different levels of difficulty and different musical styles.

In effect, the exercises are adapted exactly to the needs of the musician. This method leads to successful level-adapted training without demanding too much from the student.

Discover our cutting-edge music instrument teaching techniques.

Experience the convenience of using Accento on any of your devices, be it a mobile phone, tablet, or PC. Our platform is compatible with all major operating systems, including Android, iOS, OSX, Windows and Linux.

With Accento, the ultimate music companion, you can now practice with ease and efficiency. Our advanced technology listens attentively to every note you play, distinguishing between the right and wrong ones. Discover your areas of opportunity and achieve measurable progress with our cutting-edge solution.

With Accento, you can take your music skills to the next level! Our platform offers personalized exercises tailored to your unique playing style. Say goodbye to repetitive mistakes and hello to a brighter musical future. Our product performs at optimal intervals and with precise repetition sequences.

Accento is the ultimate solution to elevate your playing skills and accelerate your progress towards achieving your goals.


How the Music Assistant works

You can use Accento on your mobile phone, tablet or PC, using your Android, iOS, OSX, Windows or Linux device.

Accento is your personal music assistant for practising. While you play the notes shown by the cursor, Accento listens to you carefully and differs between your correct and incorrect notes. Therefore, it shows you exactly where your weaknesses lie. It also allows you to practice efficiently with clear goals.

Moreover, Accento, your personal music assistant, suggests various exercises based on the notes you played. As a result, the mistakes you made can be avoided in the future. All in a suitable time and correct repetition sequences.

After all, your playing will improve, and you will reach your goal faster.

It's more than just a product

Experience a complete learning journey with our app's comprehensive system, featuring diverse levels and an array of musical genres. Discover an extensive selection of genres including pop, rock, classical, jazz, folk, and beyond, catering to all skill levels from novice to expert.

Additionally, our app seamlessly integrates with your personal sheet music collection for a truly personalized experience.

Hvilket instrument vækker din nysgerrighed?

Uanset om du er interesseret i at spille guitar, klaver, violin eller et andet instrument, har Accento dig dækket.
Oplev et omfattende udvalg af lektioner, øvelser og øvelsesværktøjer, der vil give dig mulighed for at blive en mester i det grundlæggende og løfte dine færdigheder til nye højder.


Which instruments are you interested in learning?

Whether you're interested in playing the guitar, piano, violin, or another instrument, our app has you covered. We offer a wide range of lessons, exercises, and practice tools to help you master the basics and take your skills to the next level.

Learn about an innovative approach to mastering music!

Learn about an innovative approach to mastering music!


Explore the amazing features of Accento

What is Accento?

What is Accento?
Accento is an assistance software for musicians. Exercises within the program use the didactic system of a teacher: listen → suggest exercises to avoid future mistakes. Thus, every student makes guaranteed progress and is therefore more motivated.
Does Accento replace a human teacher?
No, Accento is designed to complement music lessons. It should therefore be used both at home and during the lessons with the teacher. We are convinced of the impact of personal music lessons with a good music pedagogue. Accento will have many tools that will facilitate the organization and assignments of music lessons.

Accento and instruments?

For which instruments is Accento available?
You can use Accento with any instrument. The software is designed such that any user can use his/her own music sheets. The first version of the software is accompanied by some learning systems and is therefore mainly tested and developed in relation to the problems of these instruments.
For which instruments does Accento have an accompanying learning methology?
We will successively add learning methodologies for many instruments to Accento.
Are further learning methology fot other instruments planned?
Of course, we are also planning learning systems for other important and well-known instruments such as: cello, trumpet, drums and many more.

System Requirements

Device Types
You can use Accento with any instrument. The software is designed such that any user can use his/her own music sheets. The first version of the software is accompanied by some learning systems and is therefore mainly tested and developed in relation to the problems of these instruments.
Operating System
Accento runs on all common operating systems: Android, Apple iOS, Windows, Mac and Linux
Minimum Hardware Requirements
Processor: at least 3 cores or 2 multithreaded cores at least 2GHz per core RAM: at least 2GB Space: at least 1GB Graphics Card: OpenGL3.0 or Vulkan support (Supported Graphic Cards) Display: Desktop: at least 1024×768 pixel Audio Latency: to be able to use all functions audio latency has to be as low as possible a good audio latency value is below 50ms Operating System: Android: at least Android 7.0 (Nougat) iOS: at least iOS 12.0 MacOS: at least MacOS 10.12 (M1 Processors will be supported from autumn) Windows: at least Windows 8