Class for Guitarists from beginner to advanced level.

The Accento guitar class includes exercises with different levels of difficulty, each one adapted to the student’s level. The individual illustrations, video and audio examples make the lessons easy to understand and teach you in detail. So you can learn to play the guitar with ease. All functions and details of the Accento app can be found here.


The beginners class offers an introduction to the basics of playing the guitar. Besides tones, as well as scales, the introduction to layer playing and special playing techniques are among the most important topics of the class.

Intermediate Level Players:

Here the main focus is on the development of position changes and syncopation. Acquired knowledge is consolidated and expanded with appropriate exercises.

Advanced players:

This class is dedicated to longer Études and mastery of melody and accompaniment. This makes the class ideally suited for advanced guitarists. Introduction to complex time signatures, as well as special lessons on the independence of the fingers and correct execution of staccato and legato are covered in this class.

Daniel Morgade · Music pedagogue · Guitar

Daniel Morgade

Guitarist, Pedagogue

Born in Montevideo in Uruguay, Daniel Morgade started his musical studies at the age of 8. He gave courses, readings and master classes for numerous universities and academies. He teaches guitar at the Art Institute of the University of San Martin de Porres in Lima, Peru, and several of his students have won national and international competitions.

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