Teaching using Accento

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Shall Accento replace me as a teacher?

No, apps will never be able to fully replace teachers.
Accento, on the other hand, may take over many monotonous, repetitive activities. This helps you to concentrate on the learner's primary issues.

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What are the benefits and drawbacks of Accento for me?

  • Focus on the individual's critical
  • concerns for faster growth and a better reputation
  • Saving time
  • Facilitation of work
  • Traceability of progress
  • Initial training period is a disadvantage

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    How can I incorporate Accento into my lessons?

    Accento primarily serves as a supplement to normal lessons. The students practise what you have suggested and then receive exercises to avoid the mistakes they have made. In the next lesson, you can then address the individual problems. Of course, the app can also be used during lessons.

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    How does Accento assist me in my teaching?

    The app easily detects melodic and rhythmic errors and can recognise the quality and intensity of the sound. Therefore, you can now focus on other problems that occur when learning an instrument. These include, for example, playing technique, fingerings, musicality and posture.
    In addition, the current progress can be seen at a glance. This allows you to react to new problems that arise during the practice period.

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    How much does Accento cost for me as an educator?

    As a music teacher, Accento is completely free! The features for teachers will be available in the 2nd version of Accento, which is expected to be released approximately one year after the main release of the app. Nevertheless, you can contact us now and you will receive the free license key in time for the release.

    How can I use Accento as a teacher?

    1. Download the app and log in
    2. The learner sends an invitation via the app
    3. Accept the invitation
    4. Now you can get started!

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    When will I be able to use the app as a teacher?

    The functions for teachers will be available in the second version of Accento.

    Frequently Asked Questions

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    What exactly is Accento?

    What is Accento the music assistant?

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    When will Accento be available?

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