What the Accento in-app classes are about

About our classes:

About 70-95% of active playing time is devoted to self-guided practice sessions without the guidance of a professional instructor. During this period, there is a lack of orientation, feedback, and encouragement from the instructor. Insufficient assistance and support for students can result in ineffective practice techniques and learning approaches, leading to a lack of motivation, a sense of unfulfillment, and ultimately, abandonment of the instrument.

Accento can prove to be a valuable asset in similar circumstances. The student can receive constructive feedback through the system, indicating areas of proficiency and improvement. Our cutting-edge application provides personalized exercise guidance to students based on their skill level, helping them avoid future mistakes and achieve optimal results. Small achievements are a great source of motivation for students, leading to an enhanced sense of enjoyment in the process of creating music and facilitating consistent progress. Our innovative pitch detection and note learning concept utilizes the same effective methods employed by professional music instructors during practice sessions.

About our classes:

About 70 to 95 percent of active playing is dedicated to practice sessions without a teacher. The teacher's directives, comments, and motivations are absent during this period. As a result, the students are left alone, which leads to incorrect practice methods and learning steps: there is no sense of achievement, motivation drops, and it is not uncommon for students to give up the instrument for good.

Accento is useful in situations like this. The feedback system shows the student what was played correctly or incorrectly. The application guides the student through the right exercises in line with their skill level to help them avoid mistakes in the future. Pupils are motivated by small accomplishments, the enjoyment of making music is increased, and continuous progress is made. The novel pitch detection + note learning concept employs the same methods as a teacher would during practice.

The Classes ...

... provide error correction and improvement suggestions to enhance your playing skills.

... feature didactic models and step-by-step exercises to help you achieve your learning goals.

... encourage a culture of enthusiastic play from students.

Explore the effortless and expeditious approach to mastering a musical instrument with our proven techniques. You'll be amazed at the results!

App Benefits for Teachers

  • Maximizing the effectiveness of teaching methodologies.

  • Optimized tasks lead to better student preparation and reduced errors.

  • Greater reputation and credibility.

  • Enhanced student practice discipline for optimal results.

  • Leverage unique methodologies and exclusive resources to achieve ideal outcomes.

App Benefits for Students

  • Get to know the benefits of accelerated learning techniques for faster and more efficient skills' acquisition.
  • Obtain long-lasting success in enhancing your skills.
  • Enhance your musical experience with increased enjoyment while playing an instrument.
  • a low rate of dropout
  • individualized exercises
  • constantly updated metrics
    A new inner metric is developed.
  • wrong skills are avoided and the proper ones practiced
  • helps you save time and money

Our Classes:



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