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Student benefits:

  • increased learning speed

  • lasting learning success

  • more fun

  • falling dropout rate

  • personalized exercises

  • constant metric guidance → inner metric is developed

  • correct skills are practised, wrong ones avoided

  • saves time and money

Teacher benefits:

  • teaching more successfully

  • simplified work (students are better prepared + fewer mistakes)
  • better reputation

  • more discipline regarding practice

  • use your own material


Daniel Morgade


Ardita Statovci


Katrin Klose


Francesca Canali


Sebastian Hayn


Sonja Oberkofler


About our classes:

Most of the time (approx. 70 – 95%) of active playing is spent with practice sessions without the teacher. During this time, the instructions, corrections and motivations of the teacher are missing. As a result, almost all music students practice with wrong methods and in incorrect learning steps: there is no sense of achievement, motivation drops and it is not uncommon to lay down the instrument once and for all.

This is where Accento comes into play with its feedback system. Accento shows the student what was played right or wrong. In accordance to the player level the program runs through appropriate exercises with the student to avoid mistakes in the future. Pupils are motivated by small easy steps, the fun in making music is increased and progress is made continuously. The unique combination of pitch detection + learning concept uses the methods of a teacher during practice.

The class…

… shows didactic, step-by-step exercises to achieve the learning goal.

… corrects errors and gives suggestions for improvement.

… motivates the student to play with joy.