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The Accento flute lessons offer building exercises with different degrees of difficulty, which are tailored to the level of the student. Thanks to the individual presentations, video and audio examples, the lessons are easy to understand and convey in detail. Thus the best learning success is guaranteed. All functions and details about the Accento app can be found here .

Course for beginners:

The beginners’ course starts with an introduction to the basic knowledge of playing the flute. In addition to the introduction to rhythm and dynamics , knowledge of grip is one of the most important topics of the course.

The middle level:

The focus here is on the further development of technology and sound . In addition, acquired knowledge is consolidated and expanded with suitable exercises.

For advanced Players:

The flute lessons are particularly aimed at musicality and mastery of technique . In addition, control of the intonation , as well as special lessons on breathing and playing style are among the main topics of the course.

Francesca Canali · Music pedagogue · Flute

Francesca Canali

Flutist, Pedagogue

Born in Rome, Francesca Canali is a versatile flautist, holds a doctorate in music education and is a scientist. She plays the flute better than anyone of her generation.

Her concert activities as a soloist and chamber musician have taken her to many large concert halls & Music festivals around the world. She is the winner of many national and international competitions. Francesca has also received several awards from various institutions for her outstanding artistic achievements.

She is a dedicated, empathetic and passionate researcher who breaks new ground in order to combine her artistic, scientific, educational, physiological, psychological and social aspects of making music.

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